Kasey Henricks

Table of Contents


Bound for Glory, A Word of Thanks

A Foreword by Eduardo Bonilla-Silva

Racialized Taxation: Furthering Racialized Social Systems Theory


Black Dollars, White Pockets: Looting by Another Name

Chapter 1

‘No Taxation without Discrimination’: ‘The Lottery Tax,’ State Finance, and Racism

Chapter 2

Lottery Studies and Their Discontents: A Critical Review

Chapter 3

‘Mad as Hell’ Tax Rebels and a Changing Tax Composition: A Historical Corrective for How State Lotteries Emerged

Chapter 4

Dissecting the Evolution of Lotteries and their Racial Implications

Chapter 5

Who Plays? Who Pays?: A Case Study of Illinois

Chapter 6

The Hidden Mechanisms of Racism: Placing Lotteries in Broader Contexts of How Race Works in America


Going All In: Available Policy Alternatives

Appendix A         

Supplementary Material

Appendix B         


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