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Articles and Book Chapters

Select Journal Articles: 

Henricks, Kasey and Daina Cheyenne Harvey. Forthcoming. “Not One but Many: Monetary Punishment and the Fergusons of America.” Sociological Forum.

Henricks, Kasey. Forthcoming. “‘I’m Principled Against Slavery, but …’: Colorblindness and the Three-Fifths Debate.” Social Problems.

  • 2015 American Sociological Association, Section on Racial and Ethnic Minorities, James E. Blackwell Distinguished Graduate Student Paper Award

Henricks, Kasey. 2016. “When Questions Do Not Yield Answers: Foreclosures of Racial Knowledge Production.” Sociology Compass 10(11):1028–1037

Henricks, Kasey. 2015. “Bursting Whose Bubble?: The Racial Nexus between Social Disaster, Housing Wealth, and Public Policy.” Social Justice Research 28(3):361-488.

  • 2015 Graduate Paper Competition – Honorable Mention, Society for the Study of Social Problems, Division on Racial and Ethnic Minorities
  • 2014 Graduate Paper Competition – 1st Place, Society for the Study of Social Problems, Division on Sociology and Social Welfare
  • 2014 Distinguished Doctoral Paper, Southwestern Sociological Association
  • 2014 Candice Rogers Student Paper Award – Honorable Mention, Eastern Sociological Society

Henricks, Kasey. 2014. “Who Plays? Who Pays?: Education Finance Policy that Supplants Tax Burdens along Lines of Race and Class.” Race Ethnicity and Education doi: 10.1080/13613324.2013.868343.

  • 2012 National Civil Rights and Human Rights Distinguished Doctoral Paper, Benjamin L. Hooks Institute for Social Change
  • 2012 Graduate Paper Competition – 3rd Place, Association of Black Sociologists
  • 2012 Graduate Paper Competition – 3rd Place, North Central Sociology Association

Henricks, Kasey. 2014. “Passing the Buck: Race and the Role of State Lotteries in America’s Changing Tax Composition.” The Georgetown Journal of Law and Modern Critical Race Perspectives  6(2):183-215.

  • 2013 Frank Lindenfeld Outstanding Student Paper Award, Association for Humanist Sociology

Henricks, Kasey, Bill Byrnes, and Victoria Brockett. 2014. “Celebrating a Return to Jim Crow? A Reflexive Analysis and Methodological Query on Measuring Segregation.” Critical Sociology 40(1):89-109.

  • 2013 Distinguished Doctoral Paper, Southwestern Sociological Association

Byrnes, Bill and Kasey Henricks. Lead Article. 2014. “‘That’s When the Neighborhood Went South’: How Middle Class Blacks and Whites Police Racial Boundaries of Stigmatized Blackness.” Sociological Spectrum 34(5):381-402.

Embrick, David G. and Kasey Henricks. 2013. “Discursive Colorlines at Work: How Epithets and Stereotypes are Racially Unequal.” Symbolic Interaction 36(2):197-215.

  • 2015 Kimberlé Crenshaw Outstanding Article, Society for the Study of Social Problems, Division on Racial and Ethnic Minorities
  • 2014 Distinguished Paper of the Year, Southwestern Sociological Association

Select Book Chapters: 

Henricks, Kasey. 2016. “Racism, Structural and Institutional.” In The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Race, Ethnicity and Nationalism, edited by John Stone, Rutledge M. Dennis, Polly Rizova, and Anthony D. Smith. Oxford, England: Wiley-Blackwell.

Henricks, Kasey and Victoria Brockett. 2015. “The House Always Wins: How State Lotteries Displace American Tax Burdens by Class and Race.”In The Routledge Handbook of Poverty in the United Statesedited by Stephen Nathan Haymes, María Vidal de Haymes, and Reuben Jonathan Miller. New York: Routledge.

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