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* 2015-2017 Social Media Improvement Fund – Social ProblemsSociety for the Study of Social Problems

* 2015-2016 Arthur J. Schmitt Dissertation Completion Fellowship, Arthur J. Schmitt Foundation

* 2015-2016 Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship, National Research Council and Ford Foundation of the National Academies (Honorable Mention)

* 2015-2016 King V. Hostick Scholarship, Illinois State Historical Society

* 2014-2015 Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant, Law and Social Sciences Program, National Science Foundation

* 2014-2015 Stanford M. Lyman Memorial Scholarship, Mid-South Sociological Association

* 2013-2015 Law and Social Science Doctoral Fellowship, American Bar Foundation

* 2010-2015 Sociology Merit Award, The Graduate School, Loyola University Chicago

* 2010-2011 Community and Global Stewards Fellowship, The Graduate School, Loyola University Chicago

* 2006-2008 Editorial ScholarshipThe All State (Student Newspaper), Austin Peay State University

* 2005-2007 President’s Academic Scholarship, Austin Peay State University

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